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Vikrant Massey is in the news right now and after the tremendous success of the film 12th Fail, he is giving interviews one after the other. Sometimes he talks about his early struggles and sometimes he mentions past mistakes. Recently, the actor had apologized for his old tweets containing cartoons of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.

Vikrant Messi had shared a tweet in April 2018 which contained a cartoon. In this cartoon, Sita was shown commenting on Ram devotees. This post resurfaced recently and Vikrant had to face trolls for sharing it. Meanwhile, whatever appreciation he got from the public through his 12th failure has now turned against him. After continuous criticism on social media, Vikrant has removed the post and apologized to the Hindu community.

His intention was not to defame Hindus

In his latest post, the actor wrote, “I would like to say a few words through one of my tweets in 2018. It was never my intention to hurt, defame or insult the Hindu community, but when I think of a tweet made in jest. I also realize my mistake. This could have been said even without including the cartoon published in the newspaper.

Vikrant said in a new tweet on February 20, ‘I would like to humbly apologize to all those who have been offended, as you all know that I have the highest respect for all faiths, beliefs and religions. We all grow up with time and reflect on our mistakes.

Vikrant’s comment on Ram-Sita cartoon

In 2018, Vikrant had shared a Lord Ram-Sita political cartoon in relation to the Kathua and Unnao rape cases. Which was much discussed at that time. In the cartoon, Mother Sita was seen telling about Lord Ram with a seal in her hand. The caption of this post reads, ‘I am very happy that I was kidnapped not by your devotees but by Ravana.

Vikrant captioned the post, Half cooked potato and half cooked nationalist will only cause stomach ache. As soon as this old post of the actor went viral, people got angry and started trolling the actor for making fun of religion.

Vikrant Messi’s views on religion

Recently Vikrant came into limelight when he revealed that his brother had become a Muslim at the age of 17. He said that his mother is Sikh and father is Christian. From a young age, I have seen many arguments related to religion and spirituality. After watching this I started to search myself and wonder what religion really is. It is man made.

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