61 people suffer from cholera in Tanzania in three days, know the symptoms

Sengerema. About 61 people were found infected with cholera in the Sengerema district of Mwanza, Tanzania’s north-western province, in three days. Sengerema District Commissioner Seni Ngaga said 61 cases of cholera were recorded from January 30 to February 1. These patients have been admitted to the hospital.

Health Minister Ummi Mwalimu in early January reported a cholera outbreak in six regions, including Shinyanga, Ruvuma, Tabora, Simiyu, Mwanza and Kagera. He said that cholera outbreak was reported in 12 areas in 2023 and about 927 people were suffering from the disease. 27 patients died due to this disease.

Know the symptoms of cholera
The risk of cholera is highest where cleanliness is not taken care of. It can spread as an epidemic in areas of overcrowding, famine and floods. Cholera does not show any symptoms in 80 percent of patients and in many cases the disease resolves on its own. Despite this, the patient can spread the bacteria. The remaining 20 percent people may suffer from severe diarrhea, vomiting and leg cramps. Other symptoms include increased heart rate, excessive thirst, low blood pressure, reduced elasticity of the skin, etc.

Cholera occurs due to these reasons
Drinking contaminated water, using ice made from contaminated water, eating contaminated food sold on the street, eating unwashed vegetables grown in water containing human waste can cause cholera. Importantly, when people consume cholera bacteria, they do not become sick themselves, but can spread the bacteria through their stool. Open defecation causes human feces to contaminate water and food sources. When a person consumes this contaminated food or water, the cholera bacteria release toxins into the intestines, causing severe diarrhea.

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