A great opportunity to buy AC before summer arrives, it is available here at half the price…..

If the price increases due to demand during the season, then if you want to buy any new product then you can take advantage of the bumper discount in the off season. The weather is changing, summer is going to come soon after winter. If you are also planning to buy a new Split AC for your home this year, then now you have a great opportunity to buy a new AC at up to 50 percent i.e. half the price. Before the arrival of summer, products like Voltas, LG and Carrier are available on Amazon. Split AC models of brands are being sold at half the price. Which models are getting discounts?

Let us know.Voltas 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC

This split AC model with inverter technology, which comes with 5 star rating, is being sold on Amazon for Rs 37,990 (MRP Rs 75,990) after a huge discount of 50 percent. This split AC is being sold on Amazon. Discounts are available on Voltas AC (Photo Credit – Amazon) According to the listing on Amazon, this model gives the feeling of cool air even in the heat of 52 degrees. Talking about warranty, 1 year comprehensive warranty and 10 years warranty on compressor is being given with this model. Apart from this, this model is capable of withstanding voltage up to 110v-285v without stabilizer.

Carrier 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC (CAI18ER3R34F0) This split AC model, which comes with 3 star rating, can be bought on Amazon after 50 percent discount for Rs 33,490 (MRP Rs 67,790). Discount on split AC models (Photo Credit- Amazon) Talking about warranty, 10 years compressor warranty, 1 year product warranty and 5 years PCB warranty is being given on this model. There are some other features available in this AC like you can run the AC even without a stabilizer, this model is capable of withstanding voltage up to 135V-280V.

LG 1 Ton 4 Star Split AC (TS-Q13JNYE) This 1 ton capacity split AC model of LG company is being sold on Amazon for Rs 35,990 (MRP Rs 71,990) after 50 percent discount. Talking about the important features, you will get this AC model with features like 6-in-1 cooling modes and 4-way air swing. Bumper discount on this split AC of LG (Photo Credit- Amazon) Talking about warranty, LG This product is getting 1 year warranty, 5 years PCB warranty and 10 years compressor warranty with gas charging. This split AC of LG brand has dual inverter compressor, HD filter with anti-wire protection and is capable of withstanding voltage up to 120V-290V without stabilizer.

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