Alexey’s mother could not see her son’s body for five days and appealed to Putin – News India Live

It has been five days since the death of Russian President Putin’s staunch political opponent and opposition leader Alexei Navalny under mysterious circumstances, but Navalny’s elderly mother has still not been able to see her son’s body.

Navalny’s mother Lyudmila Navalnaya is pleading with Putin every day to hand over her son’s body, but Putin’s heart is not melting.

Navalny’s mother has once again appealed to Putin and said, give me my son’s body. Even on the fifth day I could not see the face of my dead son. Government officials are not even telling me where Navalny’s body has been kept.

Navalny’s mother Lyudmila is currently in the area where Navalny died in prison. From here, addressing Putin in a video posted on social media, he said, I appeal to you to allow me to see the body of my son. Only you can do this. My son’s body should be returned to me. So that I can perform his last rites respectfully.

Meanwhile, Navalny’s team says that Russian authorities have not yet been able to reveal the cause of Navalny’s death and are saying that it is not possible to bring back the body for two weeks due to the ongoing investigation.

It is noteworthy that Navalny’s wife has alleged that Navalny was killed by poisoning. Yulia said that her fight for independent Russia will continue. The Russian authorities are hiding my husband’s body and trying to erase any traces of the poison given to him. Alexey was given a poison named Novichok. Which is a type of nerve agent. Putin is a coward and is hiding my husband’s body.

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