America: 20 lakh people were warned of devastation caused by the storm in California – News India Live

There was heavy rain in California after the strong storm that hit yesterday. Hence, there was huge damage in the entire state. According to the information, the water in the local river became turbulent. It was similar to the storm that came last winter. Due to this, local people have been warned to be more cautious at the end of the week. “We are in alert mode,” said Jackie Ruiz, spokeswoman for the Santa Barbara County Emergency Management Office. We are advising people to stay indoors. “People are being kept off the roads unless absolutely necessary.”

Santa Barbara County, located between the mountains and the ocean, was hardest hit by the storm. The “Pineapple Express” first wreaked havoc in Northern California. Roads were flooded on Thursday and schools in rural areas had to be closed. Southern California fell into darkness Thursday due to strong winds and heavy rain. Flood warnings were issued for coastal areas and hills of Los Angeles County.

Rose Schoenfeld, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service (NWS) in the Los Angeles area, warned that residents of Palos Verdes Estates should be especially careful. Flooding caused the closure of a major highway in Long Beach. The Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach was also closed due to water. Firefighters rescue a man from an overflowing sewer in Orange County.

The Orange County Fire Authority posted a video of water flowing down a drain on social media and said, “As you can see, heavy rainfall is causing the channels to fill rapidly, with water moving at an alarming rate. Please stay away river. “And from the drain. stay away.” UCLA climatologist Daniel Swain predicted that “flooding is likely between Santa Barbara and San Diego counties early next week.” Major urban areas of the state, including Los Angeles, may be flooded. “This will be closely monitored for the next few days,” Dr. Swain said.

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