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An Indian-origin official in Singapore has been sentenced to jail for having sexual relations with a minor. The accused, identified as Singapore Armed Forces Warrant Officer Subramaniam Thaburan Rangasamy, was sentenced to 10 months in jail.

This entire matter is of the year 2021. According to local sources, the victim’s first meeting with the accused was coincidental in a multi-storey parking lot. She was then looking for a quiet place to attend an online meeting with the school counselor while, as usual, Subramaniam Thaburan Rangasamy was preparing to go to work on a motorcycle. While coming down from the parking lot, the girl’s foot slipped and hit the door and Subramaniam Thaburan Rangasamy helped the victim.

We met in the parking lot, talked again and then became…

The girl was said to be impressed by the help she received and brought a can of chrysanthemum tea for the Indian-origin officer. This was the occasion from where the conversation between the two started. After this both of them spent some time on the parking stairs. Reportedly, during the conversation, they came very close to each other and then started having physical relations.

The accused’s lawyer said- no coercion was done

According to the information, during the meeting in the parking lot, both of them also exchanged WhatsApp numbers. However, two days after the meeting, the girl lodged a police report on 8 December 2021 that Subramaniam Thaburan Rangasamy had exploited her. During the legal proceedings, Deputy Public Prosecutor Sunil Nair said that the accused knew the minor, but no coercion or force was used when the two came near each other.

The officer was suspended from military duty after his arrest

In January, Subramaniam Thaburan Rangasamy was convicted of allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old minor, while two additional charges were also considered during the trial. After his arrest, he has been suspended from military duty.

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