Apply for Nabard Dairy Farm Loan in this way, know its benefits 1

The central and state governments have started many schemes for the people. Nowadays many people are taking advantage of this and fulfilling their needs.

Today we are going to tell you about one such scheme. The name of this scheme is Nabard Dairy Farm Loan, under this the loan amount is determined on the basis of the need of the applicant.

The loan amount for purchasing animals ranges from Rs 50 thousand to Rs 12 lakh. So the loan amount for opening dairy farming can range from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 25 lakh.

Subsidy available in Nabard Dairy Farm Loan
NABARD Animal Husbandry Subsidy is available up to Rs 3.30 lakh and all the customers falling under Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe are being given subsidy up to Rs 4.40 lakh under the scheme and NABARD Animal Husbandry Scheme amount will be approved by the bank, in this the applicants will get 25% Have to give yourself.

If you want to buy equipment for processing milk products, then with the help of the scheme you can buy the machine, its price is up to Rs 13.20 lakh and you can get 25% capital subsidy on it i.e. up to Rs 3.30 lakh. .

Apart from this, with the help of this scheme you will easily get a loan up to Rs 1200000 for animal husbandry, in which you will also get 50% subsidy.

Documents required for Nabard Dairy Farm Loan
To apply for this Nabard Dairy Farm Loan, you must have photocopies of application form, identity card, income certificate, business plan. Its application form can be obtained from Nabard Dairy Farm Loan website or any NABARD-sponsored bank, later the application form should be submitted to the concerned bank.

How to apply for Nabard Dairy Farm Loan
You can apply offline for this Nabard Dairy Farm Loan, for this you should first decide what type of dairy farm you want to open. If you want to open a dairy farm, then for this you will have to go to the NABARD office of the district.

If you want to open a small dairy farm then you should go to your nearest bank and get information. For this, you should fill the subsidy form in the bank and apply for it.

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