Australia preparing to build the largest navy after World War II – News India Live

Australia is increasing its naval strength in response to challenges from China and Russia in the Indo-Pacific region. The reason behind this is said to be the increasing tension in the Indo-Pacific region. Australia wants to stop the threats from Russia and China by strengthening its defense sector. Australia is preparing to buy several warships for these projects.

Australia will buy these warships

According to a report, the plan will increase Australia’s defense spending by 2.4% of GDP, which is higher than the 2% target set by NATO allies. The Australian government has announced the expansion of its fleet of major warships from 11 to 26. The plan will be completed in 10 years, but its results will be far-reaching. The plan includes 6 Hunter class frigates, 11 general purpose frigates, 3 air warfare destroyers and 6 ‘optionally manoeuvrable’ surface ships which will be unmanned.

Some ships will be equipped with Tomahawk missiles which will be capable of penetrating deep inside enemy lines and attacking targets. This will increase Australia’s long-range missile capability. Defense Minister Richard Marles said the plan would make Australia a world power. It will power Australia in the mid-2030s. The Defense Minister said that this scheme will increase Australia’s defense budget, but it is very important for the country.

Australia cancels treaty with France

Before this announcement, Australia had canceled its $90 billion contract with France. Under this agreement, Australia was to get 12 conventional submarines. Australia has now signed new agreements with the US and Britain. Under this agreement, America will get at least three nuclear powered submarines, which will be known as AUKUS. After the deal, France is angry at Australia and is calling it a ‘stab in the back’, while targeting China, France has said that China has created instability in many countries.

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