Ban on mobile phones in British schools, PM Rishi Sunak announced by sharing a creative video – News India Live

Fed up with mobile phone addiction and the problems caused by it, Britain has banned it in schools. After this decision of Britain, its discussion has started in many countries. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced this by sharing a video on Twitter.

Rishi Sunak has shared a very creative video. It can be seen in the video that his phone is ringing again and again. Rishi Sunak has tried to show through a video how mobile phones are creating problems in the classroom.

It can be seen in the video that he is trying to talk again and again, but in between his phone rings. After the phone rings three times, Rishi Sunak takes the phone out of his pocket and puts it aside and says look how disappointing this is.

In another statement, the Prime Minister said nearly one-third of secondary school students said phones interfere with their studies. We know that they (mobile phones) cause distraction in class and cause bullying in schools.

Many schools have already banned them, creating a safer and better learning environment for their students. New guidelines have also been issued regarding mobile ban in schools. The Prime Minister says that we are ensuring that our children get the education they deserve.

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