Be careful if you adopt these shortcut methods to reduce the increasing weight!


Many diseases come with increasing weight. It not only spoils the personality but also spoils the health. To avoid this, many people adopt shortcuts to lose weight quickly, which can be dangerous. Yo-yo dieting is also an unhealthy way to lose weight. Weight cycling is also its name. By following this, the weight changes rapidly, but the weight keeps increasing again and again. Let us know how dangerous this direct method of losing weight is.

Health: Mental health is adversely affected

Researchers at North Carolina State University found in a study that yo-yo dieting has adverse effects on physical and mental health. In this study, 13 male participants and 23 female participants were interviewed. He said that he had decided to lose weight because of the harm to his health rather than due to social pressure.

This study shows that many participants adopted temporary and unnecessary methods to lose weight. Some of these included not eating enough food and calories, consuming too many calories, taking low-carb diets or diet drugs, and not attending public events. As soon as they got off this dieting pattern, their weight went back to normal. The only goal of everyone who did this study was to lose weight. He distanced himself from friends and family to avoid alcohol and bad food, which affected his mental health.

Metabolism is also negatively affected

Yo-yo dieting also has a negative effect on metabolism. Due to this, weight cannot be kept under control for a long time. Due to this, muscles decrease along with fat and metabolism slows down. Repeated weight loss and gain also affects heart health and insulin sensitivity also deteriorates.

have a healthy diet

Include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains in a healthy diet.

Stay away from sugary drinks and replenish your body by drinking more water.

Avoid unhealthy snacks and eat a meal every day.

Also avoid processed foods, refined sugars and saturated fats.

Keep eating balanced meals.

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