Become a millionaire by selling this old 50 paise coin, know the process of selling it 1

New Delhi. 10 paise and 50 paise coins which were discontinued in the year 2011 are now trending in the online market. Whose value is now negligible in the Indian market, but their price is seen in lakhs in online platforms. If you want to earn a good amount of money sitting at home in a short time, then take out the old coins kept in your safe. You can earn a good amount from these coins. Yes, these coins are worth lakhs in the market. Today in this article we are telling you the ways to earn money from 50 paise coin.

If you sell rare and old currency in your home safe in the online international market. So you can earn lakhs from these platforms. There are many websites in the market which help in buying and selling old coins and notes.

Old 50 paise coin will make you a millionaire

If you have a 50 paise coin of the year 2011, and it has a picture of an elephant, then you can sell these coins on the online platform and get the asking price.

25 paisa coin will make you rich

If you have a coin of 10 or even 25 paise in addition to 50 paise, this will also make you rich. But before selling these coins, it is important to have some specialty, only then you can earn lakhs of rupees.

Sell ​​coins in this way

To sell an old rare coin or note of 50 paise, you have to first go to a portal like coinbazar or

After this, you go to this portal and register yourself as a seller. Then take pictures of both the sides of 25 or 50 paise coin and upload it on the website. Add its price also. Whoever wants to buy it will contact you here.

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  • Become a millionaire by selling this old 50 paise coin, know the process of selling it
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