Before electric, Honda introduced Flex Fuel bike, this quality makes it special

Honda Flex Fuel Bike: Bharat Mobility Global Auto Expo is being organized at Pragati Maidan in Delhi. Honda has launched its new bike in this auto show which runs till 3rd February. In this Auto Expo, the company has shown many products keeping sustainability and road safety in mind.

Flex Fuel Bike is popular

The company aims to make all its products zero carbon based by 2050. To fulfill this goal, Honda has introduced its first flex fuel bike. You will be surprised to know that Honda’s bike is already available in other countries and 70 lakh units have been sold in a country like Brazil.

This way pollution will be reduced

The Indian government is also promoting flex fuel economy a lot and keeping this in mind, the company has introduced this new bike. Flex fuel is made by mixing ethanol and gas with petrol, due to which carbon emissions are significantly reduced and the mileage of the bike also increases.

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Hero Splendor Plus, reliable companion, affordable price, great mileage in just Rs 30,000!

New Honda Flex Fuel details

This new bike has a 293 cc single cylinder engine. Apart from being powerful, this bike is also going to give good mileage. The company’s entire focus is now on making eco-friendly vehicles. Honda started it with its city car which was launched with this hybrid engine and now the same technology has been used in Honda Elevate also.

Where Honda has made many changes in the four wheeler. She was not doing anything like that in the same two wheeler. But now by launching this bike it has given a better option to the customers.

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