Benefits of flax seeds: Flax seeds can provide relief even from severe constipation, eating this way gives immediate effect – News India Live

Benefits of flax seeds: Constipation is a serious digestive problem. If the stomach is empty three or less times a week then it is called constipation. This health problem is the result of irregular lifestyle. Additionally, the risk of constipation increases when you drink less water, eat more spicy food and are not physically active.

For many people, constipation gets cured within a few days, but for some people this problem is very troublesome. If chronic constipation is not treated, it can cause serious problems like piles.

Health experts say that flaxseed is the easiest and effective solution to get instant relief from constipation. Research has also proved that flaxseed is effective in curing constipation.

Flax seeds contain protein, omega 3 fatty acids, dietary fiber as well as vitamins. All these nutrients speed up the digestion process and provide immediate relief from the problem of constipation.

According to a research, flaxseed is a natural laxative. By consuming which the stomach gets cleaned properly within 12 to 24 hours. The stool stuck in the intestines also gets removed. To get relief from constipation, along with consuming flaxseeds, it is also important to drink water during the day.

To avoid digestive problems including constipation, one spoon of flaxseed should be consumed daily. You can also soak flax seeds in water and drink that water. If you consume flax seeds like this daily, the body will get the necessary fiber and there will never be a problem of constipation.

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