Big news regarding Chandigarh mayor election, only AAP candidate will be the mayor, Supreme Court ordered

New Delhi. In the Chandigarh Mayor election case, the Supreme Court has ordered that AAP candidate Kuldeep Kumar be declared a validly elected candidate for the post of Mayor of Chandigarh Municipal Corporation. Let us tell you that a hearing was held in the Supreme Court today regarding the Chandigarh Mayor election, in which the court canceled the victory of the BJP candidate and declared the AAP candidate as Mayor. Apart from this, notice has also been given to the Election Officer (Returning Officer). The Supreme Court has said that the officer lied.


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During the hearing, the Chief Justice in the court directed to declare all the 8 votes declared invalid by the Returning Officer as valid. The returning officer had put a cross on these votes. While hearing this case, CJI said that all 8 votes were in favor of Kuldeep Kumar. The returning officer acted beyond his jurisdiction. They have committed a crime and action should be taken against them for this.

The statement of Delhi Minister and AAP leader Saurabh Bhardwaj in this matter has come to light. He said, ‘The world’s largest political party BJP was seen committing misconduct on camera in the mayor elections. This is a matter of concern for the country. What will the party be doing where there is no camera, no microphone? How can you trust the central government in all those places? The Supreme Court has exposed the Central Government in this matter. The senior counsel of the Central Government represented the presiding officer before the Supreme Court.

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