Big revelation in drone survey: More than 16 lakh tonnes of illegal gravel mining at five places in Tonk – News India Live

Jaipur, 1 February (HS). A major case of illegal mining has come to light in the drone survey of mineral mining in the joint campaign against illegal mining being run from January 15 on the instructions of Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma. Mines Secretary Anandi said that it has been decided to conduct drone DGPS survey as per requirement in big mining areas and in the drone survey conducted in five gravel mining areas in Tonk district, 16 lakh 18 thousand illegal gravel mining has been revealed. On the basis of the drone survey report received, AME Tonk has been instructed to impose penalty as per rules against the concerned lease holders and take necessary action.

A drone survey of gravel mining was conducted in Palara, Dodwari, Mundian, Saidabad and Mandawar of Tonk district, after receiving the report, it was found that 16 lakh 18 thousand tonnes more gravel was mined and sold illegally than the stock shown by the lease holders. Crores of rupees in government revenue. Damage was caused. According to the drone survey, 40 lakh 1732.02 lakh tonnes of gravel was mined at five places while the stock showed 23 lakh 83 thousand 10 lakh tonnes of gravel mined. In this way, lease holders have caused loss by illegal mining of more than 16 lakh 18 thousand tonnes of gravel at five places only.

According to the drone survey report, 986711.09 tonnes of gravel was mined in Palara of Tonk district whereas only 616598 tonnes of gravel was shown to be mined in the stock. Similarly, in Dodwari of Tonk district, 382912.34 tonnes of gravel was mined whereas only 246893 tonnes of gravel was shown in the stock. Here in Mundiya itself, 384354.02 tonnes and 678183.14 tonnes of gravel were found mined at two places respectively whereas as per records it was reported as 206749 tonnes and 528906 tonnes respectively. In Sayeedabad, 749940.07 tonnes of gravel was found to be mined whereas only 413750 tonnes of gravel was reported to be mined. Similarly, according to drone survey in Mandawar of Tonk, 819633.36 tonnes of gravel was found mined while the stock showed 370114 tonnes of gravel mined. Among these, maximum 449519.36 tonnes of excess gravel mining was found in Mandawar while 370113.09 tonnes of excess gravel mining was found in Palara.

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