Birmingham University apologizes after uproar over Sikhs becoming Muslims – News India Live

There has been a lot of uproar over a controversial post in Britain’s famous Birmingham University and after this the university had to apologize.

According to a press report posted by the university on its social media accounts, the 20th langar was organized by the university’s Sikh Society on the campus earlier this month. , , The event was part of Islamic Awareness Week and was accompanied by photos of langar. It was also written that Discover Islamic Week. , , , ,

After this post, Sikh Press Association spokesperson Jasveer Singh said that seeing the information presented by the university is both disappointing and surprising. The people who are responsible for maintaining the image of the University of Birmingham have no knowledge of the different communities. There is a lack of training provided by the university to its employees. The Sikh community has been a part of this university for decades.

After seeing this post, some other people also criticized the university and then the university spokesperson said that the university sincerely apologizes to those whose sentiments have been hurt due to this post. We believe there was a mistake in the post but after the mistake was noticed the post was removed. The University is proud of the diversity of students on our campus and we respect each community. We have also contacted the individuals and organizations concerned to apologize and seek their views.

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