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New Delhi: To keep the body healthy even with increasing age, it is very important to have healthy bones. Otherwise, as people age, they become dependent on others for even small physical activities. A diet rich in calcium is considered necessary to keep bones strong, but apart from this, some other nutrients also play an important role. Which is important to know. Also, some of our daily habits make our bones weak and strong, so pay attention to these.

keep weight under control

Rapid weight gain also affects your bones. This increases the chances of developing osteopenia and osteoporosis. Gaining weight can also reduce bone density, so include low-calorie and calcium-rich foods in your diet.

Include these nutrients in your diet

Calcium plays a very important role in keeping bones healthy. Calcium is essential for maintaining the strength of bones as well as their structure. Apart from this, it also contains Vitamin K and Vitamin D in sufficient quantity to strengthen the bones. Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium in the body. Apart from this, it helps in removing many problems related to bones.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Smoking not only causes cancer but also damages your bones and if you also drink alcohol then the risk increases, so if you want your bones to remain strong as you age then stop smoking and drinking alcohol today. Turn it off. This will save you from many other problems.

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