Britain can recognize Palestine as a country before peace agreement with Israel: Britain

Riak (Lebanon). A top British diplomat said his country could officially recognize Palestine as a country after a ceasefire in Gaza. The diplomat said Britain would not wait to see the outcome of years of talks between Israel and Palestine towards a two-state solution. Foreign Minister David Cameron visited Lebanon on Thursday with the intention of reducing regional tensions and during this he spoke to ‘The Associated Press’.

He said that as long as Hamas has control over Gaza, no work will be done towards recognition but it can happen if Israel continues talks with Palestinian leaders. Former British Prime Minister Cameron said that recognition of Palestine as a state “cannot be given until the process begins, but it also does not have to wait until the process ends.”

“What we need to do is give the Palestinian people a better future,” he said, adding that this is “critically important for long-term peace and security in the region.”

Britain, the US and other Western countries have backed the idea of ​​an independent Palestine located adjacent to Israel as a solution to the region’s deadliest conflict. These countries say that Palestine’s independence should happen through negotiations. There has been no concrete conversation in this regard since 2009. At the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly denied the formation of an independent Palestinian state after the war.

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