Bumper earning opportunity! There was a tremendous rise in the shares of these seafood companies due to the government’s announcement, see details

New Delhi:Seafood Share. Interim Budget 2024 has been presented by the Modi government at the Centre. This interim budget 2024 has been presented by Modi government through Nirmala Sitharaman. Due to which the Finance Minister has made multiple announcements for every sector. So the Central Government has made a big announcement for the people who are active in the share market. The effect of which has been seen on the shares of the companies associated with it.

In fact, the government has made a plan to double the country’s seafood exports. Seeing this news, the share prices related to this industry have continuously gone up rapidly.

Know the government’s announcement in Budget 2024

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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said in her budget speech, ‘To help the fishermen, our government has created a separate department for fisheries. Due to this, both inland and aquaculture production has doubled. Besides, seafood exports have also doubled compared to 2013-14. The Finance Minister further said that 5 integrated aquaparks will also be built.

With this big announcement of the government, a tremendous rise was seen in the shares of companies working in this field, so in such a situation, this can be a tremendous earning opportunity for investors.

There was such a rise in the shares of seafood related companies

Shares of Avanti Feeds Limited reached Rs 570.10 today, Thursday, February 1. Due to which the company’s shares have seen a rise of 9.39% on daily basis.

The shares of Apex Frozen Foods rose by 7.5% on Thursday, February 1, reaching Rs 272.90.

At the same time, shares of another company working in this field, Zeal Aqua Limited, have increased by 10 percent to Rs 12.38.

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