Capable of carrying 24 nuclear bombs, these are the features of the American bomber B-1B attacking Iraq and Syria – News India Live

America, popularly known as Jagat Jamadar, has finally started retaliating against the groups attacking its military base.

The US has carried out airstrikes on 85 targets in Iraq and Syria and the groups attacked are believed to be backed by Iran. Interestingly, America has used its super destroyer B-1B bomber aircraft in the air attack. These aircraft are known to cover long distances and drop bombs.

It is believed that to carry out this air attack, B-1B bombers flew from America and reached Iraq and Syria. This aircraft was inducted into the Air Force during the ongoing Cold War with Russia.

The B-1B bomber can fly very close to the ground and is capable of evading any radar-guided defense system. There are two versions of this. The first B-1 type aircraft flew for the first time in 1974. This aircraft is designed to fly at twice the speed of sound and launch nuclear bombs and missiles.

A later version of the B-1B bomber’s airframe was modified, reducing its speed but increasing its ability to evade radar. This aircraft is 44.8 meters long. Its wingspan is 42 meters. Four turbofan engines took it into the air. It can travel faster than sound at an altitude of 40,000 feet. However, at normal altitude its speed is less than the speed of sound. The B-1B bomber is capable of carrying eight cruise missiles and 24 nuclear bombs.

It can travel 7400 km non-stop with 16800 kg of weapons.

After the attacks on Iraq and Syria, the US Air Force said that these planes took off from America and bombed targets in Iraq and Syria. Care was taken to ensure that the public is not harmed in this attack.

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