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India is a country where many temples hold unsolved mysteries within them. Due to these qualities such temples are famous all over the world. We are going to tell you about one such goddess temple, in which many secrets are hidden. The doors of Nirai Mata temple located in Gariaband, Chhattisgarh open only for 5 hours in a year, during these few hours thousands of people can avail the darshan of Mata.

Darshan of Mata is possible only on the first Sunday of Chaitra Navratri.

There are many gods and goddesses in Gariaband district of Chhattisgarh. There are many places in this densely forested area, which attract tourists from far and wide throughout the year, but there is one place where the local people come only once a year. Neerai Mata Temple is situated on lush green hills 12 km away from Gariaband city. The temple is opened every year on the first Sunday of Chaitra Navratri from 4 am to 9 am. During these five hours thousands of Goddess devotees come to have darshan of Mata. After the puja, the village priest closes the doors of the temple for a year. Therefore, coming here during the rest of the year is considered prohibited.

goat is sacrificed

During Navratri, many goddess temples are decorated with vermillion and suhaag, but in the temple of Neerai Mata, devotees take coconut and incense sticks as it pleases the mother. It is believed that in the court of Nirai Mata, the fears and troubles of the devotee are destroyed. This is the reason why people from far and wide come to this temple which opens for 5 hours every year.

Here the flame burns itself

People have immense faith in Nirai Mata, who is seated on the hill of Gariaband. There are many secrets hidden within the womb of this temple. Every year during Chaitra Navratri, the flame itself burns in the temple of Nirai Mata, no one knows the answer to the question of how the flame burns and who lights it. How does the miracle of automatic lighting in the temple happen? This remains an inexplicable puzzle. Local people say that the gates of the temple remain closed throughout the year, they are opened only during Chaitra Navratri, during which devotees also visit Jyoti. Villagers believe that due to the miracle of Nirai Mata, the flame in the temple keeps burning for nine days without oil.

Only men can have darshan of the goddess

Although all devotees are allowed entry into the Devi temples, women are prohibited from entering the Nirai Mata temple. Only men can worship the mother in this temple. Not only this, the rules are so strict that women in this temple cannot even eat the prasad offered to the goddess. It is believed that if a woman accidentally consumes the prasad offered to the Mother Goddess, something unpleasant may happen.

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