Comedy Circus’s broken-toothed Gangu Bai wins people’s hearts with her style and simplicity.

Gangubai with broken teeth in Comedy Circus wins people’s hearts with her style and simplicity. Gangubai with broken teeth in the very popular TV show Comedy Circus now looks very beautiful. Now she will make Comedy Circus crazy not just with her comedy but with her beauty. (Comedy Circus) was considered a very popular TV show in which a small girl was seen whose teeth were broken. This little girl was so sweet that everyone loved her very much, but let us tell you that today this little girl has grown up and her style and beauty have not diminished at all. You will also be shocked to see the glamorous avatar of this little girl who makes people laugh by becoming Gangubai in Comedy Circus.

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Gangu Bai is the curse of beauty

These days Gangu Bai has come into discussion because of her new look. Now Gangubai of Comedy Circus looks beautiful beyond limits. The picture of these two, an old girl who had won the hearts of people with her beautiful style in Comedy Circus, is going viral on social media. Let us tell you that that little girl was none other than Saloni Daini, whose acting was very much liked and recently Saloni has turned 21 years old and whenever she shares her picture on social media, people start gazing at her. The heartbeat increases because Saloni’s look has completely changed in the last few years and Saloni, who used to look very innocent in the comedy circus, has now started looking more charming. Someone has become crazy about their beauty.

Comedy Circus’s Gangubai’s beauty made everyone crazy

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Seeing Saloni’s beautiful style, people have started praising her fiercely. The picture of Gangubai of Comedy Circus that has recently emerged after growing up is really amazing. Saloni not only worked in Comedy Circus but also showed her acting skills in many Bollywood films. However, now Saloni is seen as a social media influencer and there are millions of her fans, here not only she shows her comedy style but her beauty also makes people crazy. Anyone who has seen Saloni’s beauty has started saying that it is hard to believe that at just 21 years of age Saloni is looking extremely beautiful.

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