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Dehradun, 03 February (HS). A Nigerian convicted in a 2021 cyber crime police indictment has been punished by a court.

On Saturday, STF SSP Ayush Aggarwal said that in 50 days, four accused have been found guilty in three cases registered in Uttarakhand, who have been punished by the court. Nirmala Chauhan, the female head constable appointed in the court advocacy of the cyber police station, has a special contribution in this. In 2021, the accused made a person resident of Mussoorie do online trading of Rs 60 lakh by luring a person from Mussoorie by creating a fake site of the online trading company to invest and double the amount and then committed fraud by investing the amount in Bitcoin. Tax received in various bank accounts and withdrawn through ATM.

On this complaint, Pankaj Pokhriyal worked as an investigator under the supervision of Police Vice President Ankush Mishra. The ATM machines in Delhi from which this money was withdrawn. A Nigerian was found among them withdrawing money. The search led to the arrest of the main ringleader, Ernest Michael Ohnan son, who is facing trial. He was sentenced by the court and his deportation from India was ordered considering the time he spent in jail as the period of his sentence.

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