Due to farmer agitation, supply of rice from Punjab stopped in Delhi, but due to this the price of rice reduced…

Rice supply from Punjab affected due to farmer agitation. Due to this, businessmen and laborers in Delhi are very worried. Businessmen will have to give complete information about the stock every week.

New Delhi: Due to the farmers’ movement, the supply of rice from Punjab to Delhi has almost come to a standstill, due to which loading and unloading in the markets has been affected. Everyone from businessmen to laborers are worried. On the other hand, the Central Government has now instructed rice traders to provide stock information every week. It is alleged that due to this decision of the government, rice traders and farmers will have to face a lot of trouble. Naya Bazaar rice trader Sachin Sharma said that due to closure of Shambhu border, rice is not being supplied from Punjab. Neither the goods are coming nor the customers are coming.

Whereas 2000 tonnes of rice is supplied every day from Naya Bazaar, now only 20 percent is being supplied. Loading-unloading is almost at a standstill, due to which the workers are troubled. On the other hand, an instruction has been issued by the Ministry of Food and Public Distribution on February 2, in which the bulk of broken rice, non-basmati rice, white rice, basmati rice and sela rice Or retailers will now have to give information about rice stock every week. For this, it has been made mandatory for all traders to submit information about their weekly stock on the portal of the Food and Public Distribution Department every Friday.

Why did the price of rice decrease? Rice trader Ravi Aggarwal said that due to the increasing danger in the Red Sea, the rice business is already going slow. The price of rice has fallen by Rs 10 per kg in 15 days. Meanwhile, the government has issued instructions for stock information, due to which rice traders are worried. Ravi alleges that this decision of the government is wrong, due to which farmers will have to face more problems than rice traders. The government needs to think again about this decision, because rice traders are very worried for the last three days. Everyone is trying to liquidate their stock as quickly as possible, due to which the price of rice has fallen by about Rs 5.

According to experts, after the government’s decision to provide stock information on February 2, the prices of rice have started decreasing. According to traders, the price of rice has fallen by Rs 5 to 8 per kg within about ten days of the decision.

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