Due to this trick of mobile thieves, now the police is finding it difficult to find the mobile…

Earlier, to trace a stolen mobile phone, IMEI number was used, which is a unique identification number of the mobile. But now thieves are changing this number and selling the stolen phones as old phones. Delhi Police has caught one such gang in Tilak Nagar and arrested 3 people. 79 mobiles have been recovered, but their IMEI numbers have been changed, making it difficult to link them to the complaints filed (FIRs). So far the police has been able to connect only four phones. Sources say that the number of ‘IMEI changers’ is increasing in the city, due to which it has become difficult to recover stolen mobile phones. Police busted

Police have busted a gang that used to change the IMEI numbers of stolen mobile phones. IMEI is a special code that identifies every phone. Police have also arrested 3 members of the gang. These people were active in West Delhi and used to help mobile snatchers. The names of those arrested are Narabjit Singh (26), Manish Singh (23) and Gurmeet Singh (32), all three are residents of Tilak Nagar. Police have recovered 79 stolen phones and a laptop from them which contained IMEI changing software and other evidence.

Police are not able to find the real owner of the mobile. Thieves changed the IMEI of the stolen phones, due to which it is becoming difficult for the police to connect them with the real owners. Till now the police has been able to connect phones to only four cases. Efforts are being made to return the remaining phones to their original owners. The number of IMEI changers is increasing. According to sources, due to the increasing number of “IMEI changers” in the city, police are not able to find many stolen mobile phones. This trend has become a matter of concern for the police. According to official records, most of the snatched or stolen mobile phones are not found. In most of the cases, people get a new SIM after theft, so police use IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) to track the stolen phone.

Used to use special software: Police say that this gang used a special software which used to change the real IMEI number of the stolen mobile, due to which it could not be known that the phone was stolen. Then they would sell them in the market like used phones. This gang was caught when Sub-Inspector Amit’s team got information from an informer that someone was doing such work. The police laid a trap and caught a man named Narabjeet with a stolen mobile. That mobile was stolen from Hari Nagar and its IMEI number was changed. The phone was operated. During interrogation, the man told the police that he and his associates had together changed the IMEI number of the phone through a difficult process, due to which It became almost impossible to track them.

Narabjeet told that another member of the gang, Gurmeet, used to collect phones from snatchers and thieves and bring them to his shop, where they were “operated”. What is IMEI? Every mobile phone has a unique number 15. The digits are a number, which is called IMEI. This is different for every mobile in the world. These numbers are kept in a database called “Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR)”. A lot can be known about the phone from the IMEI number, such as which company it belongs to, what model it is, when it was made and what are its features. To know the IMEI number of your phone, you can dial #06#.

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