Earthquake: Earth trembled due to earthquake in Gujarat, intensity was 4.1

Ahmedabad. Earthquake tremors were felt in Kachchh region of Gujarat on Thursday morning. The intensity of the earthquake has been measured at 4.1 on the Richter scale. Earthquake tremors were felt at 8.06 am. Earthquake tremors were felt in Kutch, Gujarat about 4 days ago also. At that time the intensity of the Richter scale earthquake was measured at 4.0. Its effects were seen in many areas. When the tremors of the earthquake were felt, people came out of their homes.

Why do earthquakes occur?
Let us tell you that there are 4 main layers on the Earth which are called inner core, outer core, mantle and crust. The plates present under the earth keep rotating, but when they collide back, vibration is created and when these plates slip from their place, earthquake tremors are felt at that place. Whereas if the intensity of the earthquake is high then the tremors are felt for a long distance.

How is the intensity of an earthquake measured?
The intensity of earthquake is determined through Richter scale. Earthquakes from 1 to 9 are measured using the Richter scale. Energy waves emerge from beneath the earth during an earthquake. Which is measured through Richter scale. This tells us what the intensity of the earthquake was and where its center was.

How to protect yourself during earthquake
• If you feel earthquake tremors, move away from your homes to open spaces.
• If for some reason someone cannot come out of the house, then hide under a table, desk or bed. During this period, keep distance from windows and doors.
• Do not go inside the houses until you feel the tremors of the earthquake.
• If you are driving a car or bike during an earthquake, then stop there.


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