Even if the SIM of the mobile is changed after theft, the location will be known in this way…..

If your phone is stolen. Or if the phone is switched off after theft, then the phone can be traced even at that time. Also, if the SIM of the phone has been changed after theft, then in that situation also the location of the phone can be traced. Let us know about this in detail.. How to track the mobile when it is switched off. If the battery of the phone is exhausted, then its last location can be tracked even at that time.

This is possible with the Google Find My Device feature. This proves helpful in cases when your phone is stolen or lost. For iPhone users: iPhone users can track the last location of their device by accessing iCloud from a web browser. For this you can use Find My iPhone. This feature will work even when your phone is switched off. For Samsung users, Samsung smartphone users can find the last location of the phone with the SmartThings Find feature on their device.

This is the complete processStep 1: First go to the Settings option and then select Biometrics and Security.Step 2: Scroll down and activate the toggle switch for Find My Mobile.How to search device from PCStep 1: Go to SmartThings Find page. And sign in using your phone number or registered email. Step 2: The map will show the location of your device.

How to search smartphone by MEI number: Every smartphone has an IMEI number. This IMEI number will prove helpful if your device is lost or stolen. For this, your phone should have internet connectivity. For this, first file a complaint. After this, use the IMEI number to monitor the device. After this, when your phone connects to any network, you will get its location. The good thing is that even if the SIM card is changed, the device can still be traced through its IMEI number.

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