fall in crude and copper

Gold rose by Rs 300, silver fell by Rs 500: Crude and copper fell.

Mumbai: Gold and silver prices continued to fall in Mumbai jewelery market today. New demand remained slow. As the world market collapsed, domestic import costs fell and Manas was forced to sell. It was discussed that with the increase of dollar in the global market, selling of funds in global gold has increased. Global gold prices today were at a low of $2026 to 2027 per ounce from 2020 to 2021 and from 2039 to 2040.

Trailing the world market, gold prices fell by Rs 300 to Rs 64,500 per 10 gram from Rs 99.50 and Rs 64,700 to Rs 99.90 in the Ahmedabad market. Whereas in Ahmedabad, silver prices fell by Rs 500 per kg to Rs 71500. In the global market, silver prices ranged from $22.36 to $22.37, $22.45 to $22.46 and a low of $22.69 to $22.70 per ounce.

As crude oil prices fell in the world market and copper prices fell, its negative impact was seen on the prices of gold and silver. Global copper prices fell by 0.48 percent today.

Despite US air strikes on Iraq and Syria, crude oil prices remained soft in the world market. Prices were under pressure amid hopes of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Brent crude was down 77.33% at $76.75 a barrel, while US crude was down 72.28% at $71.82 a barrel from $71.61.

However, global platinum prices rose again today from $903 to 904 to $901 to 902 to $896 to 897 an ounce, while palladium prices declined to $930 to 934 to $934 an ounce from $948 to 949.

In Mumbai bullion market today, gold prices without GST were at Rs 99.50, Rs 62,262, Rs 62,700 and at Rs 99.90, Rs 62,512, at Rs 62,950. Whereas in Mumbai the price of silver was Rs 70,950 and without GST it was Rs 70,417.

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