Famous radio host Ameen Sayani dies of heart attack at the age of 91

Famous radio host Ameen Sayani dies of heart attack at the age of 91

Hello brothers and sisters, I am your friend Ameen Sayani. Sayani, who ruled the hearts of listeners in many countries of the world for years with his magical voice and style, has passed away. He breathed his last at the age of 91. The demise of the veteran, known as the magician of voice in the world of radio, has been confirmed by his son Razeel Sayani.

Famous radio host Ameen Sayani

Amin Sayani was the country’s first radio star, who was respected even by big film stars. There was a time when this king of voice had made his name and work famous with his program ‘Binaka Geet Mala’. However, Sayani’s health was not well for the last few years.

The death of Razil Sayani, son of Amin Sayani, is a deep shock. He told that Sayani suffered a heart attack on Tuesday night, after which he was immediately taken to HN Reliance Hospital. He died at around seven in the evening.

Amin Sayani was born on 21 December 1932 in Mumbai. Amin Sayani earned a big name in the world of radio. The magic of his voice entered the hearts of people. Ameen Sayani started his career as a radio presenter with All India Radio, Mumbai. He participated in English programs here for 10 years. After this he played an important role in popularizing All India Radio in India.

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