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Amidst the farmers’ agitation, the government proposed to give MSP to farmers on some crops in the fourth phase of talks on Sunday. Farmers rejected this proposal of the government. Farmer organizations held a press conference at Shambhu border late on Monday evening, rejected the Centre’s proposal and made their own strategy. Farmers said that we held a meeting with farmer organizations and discussed the government’s proposal. There is no substance in the proposal made by the government. Farmers will not get any benefit from this proposal. Along with this, the farmers have given an ultimatum to the government till Tuesday. Farmers have said that they will march to Delhi on 21st February.

There will be no additional burden-
Farmers held a press conference at Shambhu border and said that after meeting with farmer organizations, we have taken a decision on the government’s proposal. There is nothing like this in this proposal of the government. If we look carefully, the Union Minister said that if the government guarantees MSP, then additional expenditure of Rs 1.5 lakh crore will be incurred. But according to the organization, if the government gives MSP on all crops, it can be up to Rs 1 lakh 75 thousand crore. If the government invests so much money then MSP should be given on all crops.

Farmer leader Jagjit Singh Dallewal said that our government is importing vegetable oil worth Rs 1.75 lakh crore from outside. Which is causing the disease. If this money is spent in giving MSP to the farmers then the work will be done. This means there will be no additional burden on the government. The government also said that they will provide MSP on some crops. But it also has some limitations. From all these things the conclusion comes that there is no benefit to the farmers. Our demand is that the government should announce MSP on 23 crops. Considering all these facts, we have decided that this proposal of the government is not in the interest of the farmers and hence we reject it.

Niyat Nayam Khot’s
In the press conference, Sarwan Singh Pandher said that we have completely understood the government’s proposal. There is a decrease in government donations. If his charity had been pure he would not have done this. Our point is clear that we want guarantee of MSP on all crops. Now the government will have to tell what decision it is taking on the issue of loan waiver. Second, the government minister arrives 3-4 hours later than the time given for the meeting. This shows that the government is not serious about the farmers.

Delhi march on 21 February
Describing their next strategy, the farmers said that we will march in Delhi on 21st February at 11 pm. We appeal to the government to accept all our demands. While you are stopping us by putting up barricades, we are also citizens of this country, let us protest peacefully. There is no other meeting at present. However, we are always ready to negotiate. Farmer leaders appealed to the farmers and said that we have to protest peacefully. We would like to ask the government to accept our demands or allow us to protest peacefully.

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