Fatty Liver – Large number of fatty liver patients found

Investigation conducted in the camp organized in Lashkare Hospital

Fatty Liver , Betul , People are suffering from serious diseases due to irregular eating habits. One of these is fatty liver disease which is very fatal. A large number of patients are suffering from this disease. This was revealed during the camp organized at Lashkare Hospital, when till the time of writing the news, 30 percent of the patients who went to the camp for testing were found to be suffering from this disease.

Regarding the fatty liver testing and counseling camp organized at Lashkare Hospital, Dr. Manish Lashkare said that this camp has been organized in collaboration with Zydus Care Limited, Ahmedabad. In this, the liver is examined through liver fibroscan. The normal range for a fibroscan is between 2 and 7 kPa. The average normal result is 5.3 kPa. The doctor interprets these results to make it clear what is the condition of your liver. If it is not treated on time, it leads to serious consequences.

Zydus Care Limited official Abhishek Kesarwani said that till noon, 150 people had been registered in this camp. Mr. Kesarwani said that till noon, 30 percent of the people who were examined were found to be suffering from fatty liver. He told that this camp was organized for the first time in Betul and the company sends machines to the entire state for testing. Fatty liver can be treated with timely diagnosis.

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