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Mumbai: Gold prices remained high in the jewelery market of Mumbai today. However, silver remained sluggish. Gold prices increased in the world market. Global gold prices have increased from 2018 to 2019 to $2028 per ounce today by 2027. As global dollar indices and bond yields declined, funds’ buying of global gold increased. Today, behind the world market, gold price in Ahmedabad market increased by Rs 100 per 10 grams to Rs 63,900 at 99.50 and Rs 64,100 at 99.90.

Ahmedabad silver price was Rs 72000 per kg. In the global market, the price of silver ranged from 22.91 to 23.12 to 23.13 to 23.07 to 23.08 dollars per ounce. Global platinum prices were lower at $910-911 an ounce from $896 while palladium prices were lower at $970-971 an ounce from $938. Global copper prices fell by 0.48 percent today.

Meanwhile, crude oil prices in the global market remained soft today after touching 3-week high. New demand remained slow. The price of Brent crude today was at $83.23 per barrel, down from $82.72 to $82.94. US crude prices were at $78.66 to $78.83 from a low of $79.06.

Today, gold prices in Mumbai bullion market increased from Rs 61,769 to Rs 99.50 without GST. While the price of 99.90 rose by Rs 62017 to Rs 62139, the price of silver without GST fell by Rs 71210 to Rs 70898 from 70802.

Market players were keeping an eye on the minutes of the last meeting of the US Federal Reserve which was released on Wednesday (today). Today the dollar fell to Rs 83 per dollar, with market insiders saying the rise in gold prices in the jewelery market is limited to that limit.

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