Gold rises to Rs 65,000 before budget

Gold rises to Rs 65,000 before budget

Mumbai: The weather was mixed in Mumbai jewelery market today. Gold prices rose, while silver remained soft. Market players had their eyes on the financial budget of the central government to be presented on Thursday (today). There was a stir in the market regarding whether there was any change in the customs duty on gold and silver in the budget or not.

Meanwhile, gold prices in the world market range from 2036 to 2037 highs to 2040 to 2041 to 2038 to 2039 dollars per ounce. Funda was the buyer. However, the rise in gold slowed down as the global dollar index rose. Meanwhile, in the domestic market today, gold prices rose by Rs 200 to Rs 64,800 and Rs 99.90 to Rs 65,000 at the pre-Budget jewelery market in Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad silver price was Rs 73000 per kg. In the global market, silver prices ranged from $23.12 to $23.13 an ounce, from $23.01 to $23.02, from $23.11 to $23.12 an ounce.

The price of Brent crude was $ 81.98 per barrel and the price of US crude was $ 77.04. Global copper prices were 0.14 percent softer today. Meanwhile, the price of platinum in the world market was $925 and palladium was $982.

In Mumbai bullion market today, the price of gold without GST increased from Rs 62,359 to Rs 62,434 at 99.50, while the price of gold at 99.90 increased from Rs 62,715 to Rs 62,685 and Rs 62,610. Mumbai Silver price without GST today increased from Rs 71742 to Rs 71630 to Rs 71668.

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