Grah Gochar 2024: In February, 4 planets including Mercury, Mars will change their zodiac signs, the fate of these 3 zodiac signs will change – News India Live

Graha Transit 2024: With the beginning of the month of February, planetary transit has also started. In the month of February, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Sun will change their zodiac signs. Whose effect will be seen on the lives of people of 12 zodiac signs. Mercury has changed its zodiac sign on 1 February. Mercury has entered Capricorn. Now on February 5, Mars will change its zodiac sign and enter Capricorn. After this, on February 8, Mercury will set in Capricorn.

On February 11, Saturn, the god of justice, will set in its own zodiac sign Aquarius. The next day on February 12, Venus will transit into Capricorn. In this way, Trigrahi Yoga will be formed in Capricorn. In the second week of February, the Sun will transit into Aquarius. In such a situation, there is going to be a change in the zodiac signs of the planets in the first two weeks of February. People of three zodiac signs will only benefit from this zodiac change. So let us tell you which are those three zodiac signs.

The month of February is going to be very special for Aries people. Due to planetary transit in the month of February, people of this zodiac sign will also get success in business. People of this zodiac sign may get promotion and their respect in the society will also increase. People associated with politics can get success. This is a very good time for students also. They will get proper results of their hard work.

Planetary transit in the month of February will also be beneficial for Taurus people. People with Taurus zodiac sign will be on the side of luck during this period. People who are trying to go abroad will get success. Investment will be profitable. People of Taurus sign can go on pilgrimage along with performing religious duties. The pending money will be received.

Cancer zodiac sign

The month of February is also going to be pleasant for Cancer people. The respect of people of this zodiac sign will increase. Investment is likely to be profitable. There is a possibility of purchasing a new vehicle or property. There will be profit in job and business. This is a good time for those who want to start a new business. Time will be spent well with spouse and family.

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