Grahan 2024: The first solar and lunar eclipse of this year will be seen soon, these 5 zodiac signs will be prosperous – News India Live

Solar and Lunar Eclipse 2024: The first lunar eclipse of the year is on 25 March 2024 and the first solar eclipse is on 8 April 2024. Both these eclipses will not be visible in India. Solar and lunar eclipses have auspicious and inauspicious effects on each zodiac sign. This eclipse occurring on 25th March and 8th April is auspicious for some zodiac signs while for some zodiac signs there is a need to be careful. Let us know which zodiac signs will benefit from the first solar and lunar eclipse of the year.

Aries people
The economic situation will improve.
Married life will be happy.
Spend time with family members.
You will get benefits from time to time.
There will be blessings of Mother Lakshmi.
You will get promotion in job.
There will be an increase in respect.
Can buy a vehicle.

You are your Gemini
You will spend time with your spouse, which will make your married life happy.
This time is no less than a boon for the people associated with the education sector.
Investing during this period will be beneficial.
Health will be good.
You may get good news related to job.
Money related problems can be solved by increase in income.

Leo sun sign
Income may increase.
The work done by you will be appreciated.
You will get success in your work.
It is a good time for job and business.
Stuck work can be completed.
You will get respect in the workplace.
There will be benefit from travel.

Businessmen may benefit.
There will be an opportunity to participate in religious and spiritual activities.
There will be financial gain, which will strengthen the financial aspect.
This time is auspicious for people associated with the field of education.
Good results will be achieved.
There will be promotion in job during this period.
You can start some new work.

amount of money
People associated with the education sector will get good results.
Married life will be happy.
Everyone at the workplace will appreciate your work.
There will be financial benefits which will strengthen the financial aspect.
There will be an increase in respect and position.
There is a possibility of profit in job and business.

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