Hair related problems may increase in winter, these 5 foods can help

Hair related problems may increase in winter, these 5 foods can help

New Delhi: Hair Growth: One may have to face many hair related problems in winter. Lack of moisture in the air can cause dry hair and dandruff. Due to these reasons, hair fall starts, which can greatly affect your appearance and self-confidence. Therefore it is very important to take care of your hair. If you believe that you can take care of your hair with the help of hair products, then we want to tell you that some food items can also help in keeping your hair healthy. Let’s find out which foods can help in hair growth and keep them healthy.

In winter you can see a lot of sweet potatoes on the street, so do not ignore it and include it in your diet for a healthy diet. It contains beta carotene, which our body converts into vitamin A. Vitamin A increases sebum production in the scalp, which helps keep hair healthy. It also helps in reducing hair fall.


Berries contain anti-oxidants, which help in hair growth, thereby helping in making hair thicker. It also protects your hair from damage caused by free radicals, which can reduce the problem of hair fall.


Spinach contains high amounts of vitamin A and iron, both essential for hair growth. Therefore, it can be beneficial to include it in your diet for healthy hair.


Avocados are rich in healthy fats. It also contains high amounts of vitamin E, which can help keep your hair healthy. It helps in strengthening the hair, which can reduce hair fall. This makes hair healthy and shiny.


Eggs contain protein and iron, which are essential for hair growth. Along with strengthening the hair, it is also helpful in making it shiny and thick. Therefore eating it is very beneficial for your hair.

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