Hari-Hari worship and Bhogarati started in the courtyard of Gyanvapi, devotees chanted Harhar Mahadev – News India Live

Varanasi : In compliance with the order of the District Court, regular disrobing and puja aarti of the idols of Gods and Goddesses installed near Vyas Peeth in Brahmamurat in Gyanvapi basement started on Thursday. Along with Mangala Aarti in the morning, five hours of Aarti was performed like Vishwanath temple.

As soon as the morning dawned, devotees gathered in the basement to have darshan of the ancient Shivalinga as well as the idols of Shri Hari, Hanumat Prabhu and Makar, the vehicle of Mother Ganga. After three decades, every devotee became happy after seeing the Raga Bhog of their Lord and everyone started chanting Mahadev.

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