Honda EM1 electric scooter launched in low budget for Papa’s fairies, features will be strong at low price

Seeing the increasing demand for electric scooters in the Indian market, all the famous companies are now busy in introducing their own electric scooters in the market, one of which is Honda. Honda has started bringing its electric scooters in the Indian market since last 2 years.

However, these scooters have gained a lot of popularity during this period. Meanwhile, now Honda has launched its new electric scooter Honda EM1 in the Indian market, which is equipped with premium features and good range in an affordable budget. So let us know about the features and price of Honda EM1 Electric Scooter –

Amazing features of Honda EM1 Electric Scooter

Let us tell you that many powerful and modern features are going to be seen in Honda EM1 Electric Scooter. In this scooter you get to see features like digital speedometer, odometer, one touch self start, remote start, remote unlock, digital console, digital instrument and antilog braking system.

Apart from this, other great features like leather seat, timer clock, alarm, LED display, fog light, LED light lamp, sight mirror, digital indicator, tubeless tyre, metal alloy wheel, side stand are also provided in this scooter.

Battery and motor of Honda EM1 Electric Scooter

Honda EM1 Electric Scooter uses a 50.3 V 29 Ah lithium ion battery, which helps in giving it a long range. It also has a 1700 volt BLDC motor, which helps in giving speed to this scooter.

Range and speed of Honda EM1 Electric Scooter

Honda EM1 Electric Scooter is easily capable of providing a range of up to 100 kilometers with the help of its powerful battery. Due to the powerful motor, this scooter can run at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour.

Price of Honda EM1 Electric Scooter

Let us tell you that Honda EM1 Electric Scooter has been introduced in the market at a price of only Rs 96000. In such a situation, this electric scooter can be a good option compared to many scooters present in the market.

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