If you are going to apply for personal loan, then this bank is offering huge amount at low interest rate.

New Delhi: Personal Loan. In today’s economic era, people sometimes need money as an emergency. The bank is standing with you in this time of need for money. Because in the present time, by applying for a personal loan under the new concept, you get it instantly.

However, for a personal loan, you must have a job with a good salary. Offline banks in the country are giving the opportunity to apply for personal loans. But there are some important things by knowing which you can know information about personal loan like how much it will cost, how much interest will have to be paid.

Indian Bank is offering personal loan at 1 percent processing fee.

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If you are an Indian Bank customer, then a processing fee of one percent of the amount applied for personal loan is being charged, however, the special thing is that processing fee is not imposed for government employees or PSU employees. Here, your EMI on a loan of Rs 1 lakh from the bank can range from Rs 2125 to Rs 2194.

Punjab and Sindh Bank is charging so much processing fee

If you apply for a personal loan in Punjab and Sindh Bank, you may have to pay a processing fee ranging from 0.50 percent to 1 percent + GST. So here we assume that on taking a personal loan of Rs 1 lakh, the EMI ranging from Rs 2132 to Rs 2265 will be payable.

SBI is giving free processing fee loan

If you are a customer of State Bank of India, then this can prove to be a golden opportunity for you for personal loan. In fact, it is being said in the news that for some time, the bank will not charge any kind of processing fee or any kind of fee for personal loan to the customers. You will not have to pay any other charge, due to which this bank is charging you 11.15% to 14.30% interest on personal loan, then the EMI on Rs 1 lakh personal loan from this bank can range from Rs 2182 to Rs 2342.

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