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New Delhi: If staying fit is your New Year’s resolution, then there can be nothing better than this, in which there can be many goals like losing weight, strengthening the body, building muscles, but these goals should be kept together. Exercise is important to stay fit, but it is not good to depend on it completely and here are some things that can help.

beginning of the day do it with water

Drink one to two glasses of warm water after waking up in the morning. This cleans the stomach well. Drinking warm water mixed with lemon and honey is even more beneficial. This reduces weight. At the same time, if you mix pieces of carom, turmeric and cinnamon in water, boil it well and then drink it hot, then it detoxifies the body.

light exercise

Lifting dumbbells, running, jumping rope are some of the heavy exercises that you will be able to do for a few days, so if you are looking for simple exercises, yoga and walking are the best options. To keep the body healthy, just 20 minutes of yoga daily will be enough. Furthermore, walking is an easy and effective way to stay fit. Take a walk in the morning and evening and most importantly after eating.

salad for dinner

Not only for those who want to lose weight, but also for those who follow a healthy and balanced diet, salads are a must in their diet. Salad contains many types of nutrients, which are essential for our body, but it is better to eat salad before eating. This fills the stomach with vegetables and then food is eaten only in limited quantities. Due to which weight remains under control.

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