In this app, train status can be known even without internet, all the information will be available in seconds.

Where is my train app: Lakhs of people travel by train every day in India. Indian Railways constantly takes care that all facilities are available to the passengers. This often happens when a train reaches a railway station a little late. Due to which the passengers are getting worried and are worried about when the train will reach the station. And for this, if there is internet connection in the phone then the live status of the train can be seen.

But, now this problem increases when the phone does not have the facility of internet pack or when the recharge is completed. At such times, passengers are afraid of missing their train. If this happens to you too then it will not happen now. Because, now you can check live train status even without internet. For this facility, where is my train app will have to be downloaded.

Live location of train can be known even without internet

To know the live location of the train, you have to download the Where is My Train app on your phone. This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Features of this app

1. Live train status can be seen

Real time updates of any train’s location, arrival time and departure time, stoppage information and train delay or cancellation etc. are available.

2.PNR Status

-By entering the PNR number, one can know about the booking status, seat information, coach status and status of fellow passengers.

3. Ticket Booking

You can book train tickets directly on IRCTC website through this app.

4. Next station information

Through the app, information about the upcoming station, platform number, location of inquiry counter, waiting room, restaurant etc. facilities will be available.

How the Where’s My Train app works

Where’s My Train app provides three modes to know the live location of the train. The cell tower option works without an internet connection. With the cell tower option, the app captures the signal of the nearest mobile tower to the location where the train passes. Through the app, passengers can check the location information of the nearest tower. Apart from this mode, Internet and GPS mode is also provided in this app.

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