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Israel has imposed sanctions on thousands of Palestinian workers due to its ongoing war with Hamas. Due to which there is a shortage of artisans in Israel. So now Israel has started recruiting thousands of Indian workers. Israeli companies are hiring Indian workers at higher wages.

Trade unions here have also protested against the hiring of Indian workers by companies in war-torn Israel. Critics say Israel’s recruitment of Indian workers amid the war is fraught with risks. The government needs to give priority to the safety and welfare of workers. However, despite the risks, Indian workers are seeing the opportunity to work in Israel as an opportunity to escape poverty and improve their economic situation.

Sucheta De, national vice-president of All India Central Council of Trade Unions, says the logic behind sending workers to Israel should be examined from the safety point of view. He further said that the government had launched ‘Operation Vijay’ in October last year to rescue Indians stranded in Israel. India evacuated about 1200 Indians from Israel under Operation Vijay.

What are Indian workers doing in Israel?

According to English media reports, Israeli companies have taken more than 10 thousand people to Israel for labor work. Of which three thousand carpenters, three thousand welders, two thousand tilers and about 2 thousand plasterers are included.

What are the young workers going to Israel saying?

Vikas, a 37-year-old construction worker from Panipat, Haryana, says that till November last year, he had given exams for jobs like Police, BSF and CRPF. But couldn’t find a job anywhere. Despite the ongoing war in Israel, unemployment and family responsibilities have forced many people to take risks and work in Israel.

Chandan Kumar, another 32-year-old man, says, “Given the limited employment prospects in India, I find it more suitable to work in Israel. There are very few job opportunities in India. In such a situation, youth like us have to face disappointment. Even if something bad happens to us in Israel, at least our families will get help in meeting their expenses. Jobs in Israel offer good pay and a bright future.

An agreement was reached between India and Israel in May 2022

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen visited India in May 2022. During this period, the Indian government allowed the Israeli government to take 42 thousand Indian workers to work. According to the report, a maximum of 34 thousand people out of 42 thousand were required for the construction work. So 8 thousand nurses were also needed.

But, after war broke out between Hamas and Israel in October, Israeli construction companies reportedly sought permission from the government to hire 10,000 Indian workers in place of Palestinian workers. After which Israeli companies have taken workers from states like Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan.

Israel is paying huge salaries!

Advertisements being run in India for work in Israel say that workers will be paid between $1,400 (Rs 1,16,383) to $1,700 (Rs 1,41,323) per month. According to media reports and Israeli officials, approximately 17,000 workers are now living in Israel, the majority of whom work in the nursing sector.

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