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Stories always teach us a good lesson, whether it is the story of a king or a queen or a story of a prince and fairies, it always teaches us something or the other, so we should read stories in our lives, they are the best means of entertainment for us in the present times. Children like to watch reels in mobile instead of stories but who do not get any learning and from these stories they learn to fight the struggles in life so we should read the story, here is a very wonderful story.

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Inspirational story which teaches us a very good lesson to fight the struggles of life.

Once upon a time, there lived a lazy man in a village. He was very lazy. He did not do any work. He just kept sipping ether every day.

One day he was roaming like this and while roaming he felt very hungry. He saw a man coming on the way who had a basket of fruits in his hands.

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He used to be the owner of a garden and the lazy man who was going to his home saw the basket of fruits in his hands.

Started following him and went to his house. The house of the owner of that orchard was next to his fruit orchard.

There were many trees in which there were fruits, seeing which the lazy man’s hunger increased and he thought of stealing those fruits.

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He secretly entered that garden and started eating fruits. Meanwhile, the owner of that garden came and saw that lazy man there eating fruits. Seeing the owner coming,

The lazy man quickly climbed the tree. The owner of the garden asked him to get down from the tree, but the lazy man did not get down from the tree.

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