Magarmach Ka Video – When the fake crocodile reached next to the real one, see what happened next.

After watching the video you will not be able to understand why the person did this.

Video of Magarmach , Many times such scenes are seen on social media which make everyone laugh. These videos show scenes that are far beyond anyone’s imagination. A video has come which shocked people and made them laugh. The video shows a man teasing a crocodile in a fun mood. The end of this video will present a shocking scene. The video is being shared rapidly.

The fake reached next to the real one. Video of Magarmach

There are eye-catching scenes in this video. A crocodile is resting out of water in an open space, resting peacefully against a wall. Then one person got in a mood of fun. He wore a costume like a crocodile and lay down beside her. An attempt was made to surprise the crocodile by his action. As soon as he teased the crocodile, it immediately became an attacker. He did not understand which creature was there. On the other hand, another person lay quietly beside him.

The fun could prove costly. Video of Magarmach

At the end of the video it can be seen that the man actually startled the crocodile. He immediately changed his path. However, such fun shown in the video could have proved costly. People are laughing uncontrollably when they see this on Instagram accounts named ‘wealthpattern’ and ‘money.focuses’. Their reaction shows that this video is being liked a lot. Millions of people have seen it so far.

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