Magarmach’s Attack – Kissing a crocodile’s baby cost a person dearly

Attacked the nose in no time

Magarmach’s attack , Often such heart-wrenching videos surface on the internet that many times people scream out of fear after watching them. But there are some videos which teach us a lesson. Recently, such a video is being discussed on social media, in which a person tries to kiss a baby crocodile, but what happens after that will take your breath away. This video shows how, in the craze of making the video, a person hit his own feet with an axe.

It was difficult to kiss the baby crocodile.

In this shocking video which is going viral, it is first shown that a person is holding a baby crocodile in his hand. After that, the man accidentally tries to kiss the baby crocodile. The video further shows that as soon as the man kisses, the baby crocodile suddenly bites his nose. The person’s nose immediately becomes bloody. For this reason, this video is now going viral on the internet and is being watched and shared a lot by people.

Video is going viral

This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram. This video shared on January 30 has been liked by more than 4 lakh 46 thousand people so far. Users are giving different types of reactions on the video.

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