Married women decorate their hands with such special bangles –

It is considered very auspicious for married women to wear bangles, it gives beauty to their hands and also gives them an attractive look due to which many women of India like to wear bangles very much during Indian festivals. Wear different bangle designs like first bangle on the day of Basant Panchami, Sawan green bangle

Layer bracelet design: These bracelets have been made in a very fancy and luxurious way

Wearing yellow bangles on the day of Basant Panchami is considered very auspicious and in this you will get to see many designs from plain to fine stones. If you want, you can wear medium or wide sized pearl design bracelets to give them a heavy and fancy look.

Bracelet design: This bracelet creates a very fancy and unique look in the hands of girls.

You will get to see green bangles in shades ranging from dark to light. You can wear this type of bangle by combining it with golden colored shimmer or gem bangle and make a set according to your outfit.

Sui dhaaga earrings: Fancy and trendy designs of sui dhaaga earrings.


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