Maruti’s electronic stability program, this model gives a mileage of 26 kmpl, take it home at the price of Nano

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What is the Price of Brezza 2023 CNG petrol?

A big decision to launch the Brezza S-CNG model in the Indian automobile market has been issued. This SUV model, once a great match, is now available in the CNG variant in the Indian automobile market. This variant of Maruti Suzuki is one of the most popular variants. Therefore, let us know about the features like its powerful engine and automatic climate control.

Information about standard features of Brezza S-CNG

Talking about the standard features of Brezza S-CNG, this vehicle comes with a powerful engine in which you get 1.5 liter naturally accelerated petrol engine which generates maximum power and this vehicle comes with 5 speed manual gear box which gives you Provides ability to run at higher maximum speed.

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About the Brezza S-CNG’s excellent marque performance

Talking about the excellent mileage of Brezza S-CNG, this vehicle gives a tremendous mileage of 26.51 km per kilogram and this vehicle gives maximum mileage from different quality companies. It has great features and affordable price.

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Brezza S-CNG Price

Talking about the price of Brezza S-CNG, its top model in the Indian football market is sent at a very cheap price. Similarly, if we talk about this model, then this car available in the market is available at a showroom price of ₹ 900000. If you want to buy this car, then you can buy it with the help of finance plan at the price of just one Tata Nano.

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