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16 people died in Haiti There has been a stir in southern Haiti due to the death of 16 people of the same family under suspicious circumstances. According to neighbors, the family died due to consuming poison. But here, mostly for money, some criminals even kill gang members. Therefore the police is investigating this matter. However, the police have not found any such evidence yet. Further action in the case has been announced.

A sensational incident has come to light from the Caribbean country Haiti. Here bodies of 16 people of the same family have been found under suspicious circumstances. The matter is of Seguin city in southern Haiti. However, the capital is 48 kilometers away from Port-au-Prince. The cause of death has not been known yet. But according to Reuters, neighbors have expressed fear that the family may have died from poison.

According to Jude Pierre Michel LaFontaine, the top official of Haiti’s Southeast department, the bodies of the deceased have been sent for postmortem. According to the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, there are several criminal groups active in the area, who kidnap and sometimes murder people for money. The case is also being investigated whether a gang might have killed the 16 family members for money. Because Haiti is a poor country.

The population of Haiti is about 5 million, but it is difficult for people here to even eat two meals a day. Diseases like cholera have become common. Criminal gangs commit crimes such as murder for money. However, in the case of the deaths of 16 people, the police did not find any evidence to suggest that any gang had murdered them. However, the police is investigating the matter from every angle. The house has been sealed. The forensic team is also doing its work.

According to a United Nations report, the situation in Haiti is not good. Last year, about 5,000 people lost their lives in the violence in Haiti. At that time, the Caribbean country’s armed police also had to work hard to stop the violence.

Why did such a situation arise in Haiti?
The situation in Haiti began to deteriorate in 2021 when President Jovenel Moise was assassinated in his home. This created turmoil in the country. The assassination of the President was a shock to the people. But the gangs saw it as an incident and started controlling the country. Due to this, members of different gangs keep creating terror in different parts of the country. There are about 150 gangs in the country, which fight each other for control of the capital, Port-au-Prince. Road killings have become common.

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