Now this electric scooter with 150km range will make everyone happy! The price will be very low, see complete information

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Sokudo Acute electric scooter:

If we talk about electric scooters, then OLA has maintained a strong hold in the market. In such a situation, if there is no competitor, then it starts acting arbitrarily even if it is a matter of price. Therefore, to eliminate such problems, Sokudo Acute electric scooter has been launched as a competitor to OLA, which has amazing features.

Will defeat due to its range

The upcoming launch of this scooter will be in the name of Sokudo Acute electric variants. It is going to compete with big companies like OLA due to its far range. It is because of this feature that it can gain a strong hold in the market. If we talk about its range then it is going to be around 150Km. You are going to see 3.4kwh Lithium Ion battery in it by the company which is going to be the main reason for its range. This is going to be a unique selling point of the company, if you were looking for this option then you can check it out.

Sokudo Acute Price 2024 |  Scooter Images, Mileage & Colors

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3000 watt strong electric motor

This company has connected the electric scooter using BLDC technology, which seems to be a great thing. If we talk about its power, you will see it with a strength of 3000 watts. In this you can cover distance at 65 km/hr. It is considered to have very good speed. It also provides you 3 years warranty which further increases our trust in it. You are going to find it loaded with features. You will also see safety features in this. If you are thinking of buying a scooter then definitely check it out once.

the price is just that

If there is a competitor in the market, the only benefit is that this work is available to you at a lower price. If there is only one player present in the market then the price remains at over price. If we talk about the price of Sokudo Acute electric scooter, then you will get it at the starting rate of ₹ 96,000 at EX Showroom price. If we talk about its charging timing, it gets fully charged in 3 hours.

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