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H-1B workers, including Indian citizens, can renew their visas without leaving the US. The US has launched a 5-week pilot program to renew H-1B visas domestically. This big change has happened after almost two decades. This pilot renewal program, launched on January 29, will run until April 1. Up to 20,000 eligible nonimmigrant workers can renew their H-1B visas domestically during this period.

America started 5 week H-1B visa

The US State Department made this announcement during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to America in June 2023. During the tour, PM Modi said at an event of the Indian-American community in Washington that H-1B visa renewal stamping is being organized in America. This was also mentioned in the joint statement issued by the White House after the visit.

This reflects the commitment of both countries to streamline visa processes and make life easier for temporary visa holders. A total of 20 thousand candidates will be accepted for pilot visa in the next five weeks. Before the pilot project began, the Ministry of External Affairs had allowed visa holders to verify their eligibility. The goal of this effort is to streamline and improve the visa process for legal immigrants. To make it less cumbersome.

America started 5 week H-1B visa

The initiative is limited to H-1B workers who meet the criteria outlined in December. This does not include dependents of visa holders on H-1B visas, such as spouses and children. However, in future it may be extended to other visas also. However, in addition to this initiative, efforts are underway for other significant immigration reforms, including reducing the green card backlog.

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